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1-B.Lumbar range of motion in the sagittal plane: Between the top of the swing and impact, and between impact and finish, the lumbar range of motion in the sagittal plane was significantly decreased in the HC relative to the WOC and the SC condition, by 6% and 32%, respectively (p < 0.05 each).
HC condition decreased lumbar range of motion in axial plane.
3-B.Lumbar range of motion in the coronal plane: The lumbar range of motion in the coronal plane was significantly lower under HC than under WOC conditions, both from the top of the swing to impact and from impact to finish (Table 1, bottom panel).
Wearing corsets restrict lumbar range of motion during golf swings
In chronic low back pain, is low level laser therapy plus exercise more effective than placebo-laser therapy plus exercise at decreasing pain, increasing lumbar range of motion, and reducing disability?
Outcomes were pain, lumbar range of motion, and disability.
Lumbar range of motion was measured by the same investigator.
Mean (SD) of each group, mean (SD) difference within groups, and mean (95% CI) difference between groups for pain, lumbar range of motion and disability.
Four variables were found to be significantly related to treatment success (defined as [greater than or equal to] 50% reduction in disability score): age < 40 years, average straight leg raise > 91[degrees], the presence of aberrant movement during lumbar range of motion testing, and a positive prone instability test.
(1996) Lumbar range of motion: reliability and validity of the inclinometer technique in the clinical measurement of trunk flexibility.