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If the client dies prior to age 85, the designated beneficiary will receive the original amount of $125,000 as a taxable lump sum death benefit.
The key difference for those with large pension funds is that the lump sum death benefit is not tested against the Lifetime Allowance.
The punitive 55% tax charge that currently applies to lump sum death benefits paid from drawdown arrangements will be abolished altogether.
Selecting a product that offers a stream of income payments instead of a full lump sum death benefit provides John and Lisa with annual premium cost savings of 30%.
Second, there is a penal tax rate on any lump sum death benefit.
Three riders included at no additional cost: advance up to 50 percent of the lump sum death benefit for a critical illness; advance up to 95 percent of the lump sum death benefit for a terminal illness; and an accidental death benefit of 100 percent of the lump sum death benefit.
In each case, the comparison is between a UL for a given lump sum death benefit and a UL benefit structure that promises $8,000 a month for the life of the spouse.
John Hancock Life (USA) Performance SUL 06 Minimum Premium to Carry; 10-Pay Endowment Solve; Lump Sum Death Benefit Solve
If you are over 75 and have an Alternatively Secured Pension in drawdown rather than a purchased annuity, you should consider nominating a charity for a lump sum death benefit.
A A pension scheme may or may not pay lump sum death benefits to a spouse or financial dependents if a member dies.
There was talk of 'the second death of annuities' following the announcement; however, annuities with lump sum death benefits, such as value-protected annuities, will benefit from the changes.
The industry still awaits further detail in respect of the tax charge applied to lump sum death benefits from crystallised funds.