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LLMMaster of Laws
LLMLembaga Lebuhraya Malaysia (Malay: Malaysia Highway Authority)
LLMLower Laguna Madre (Texas)
LLMLocal Linear Model
LLMLow-Level Modeling
LLMLegum Magister
LLMLow Level Magnesium
LLMLycée Louis Massignon (French school in Abu Dhabi, UAE)
LLMLatin Legum Magister (Master of Laws)
LLMLin Lunin Maldacena (class of half supersymmetric solutions in string theory)
LLMLower Landing Minimums
LLMLocal Level Model
LLMLaunch Loader Module
LLMLunar Landing Mission (US NASA)
LLMLoader Launcher Module
LLMLight Load Mode
LLMLogical Link Multiplexing
LLMLayered Lossy Medium
LLMLocal Logic Memory
LLMLow Loss Matching
LLMLeft Lane Must Turn Left
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In this July 24, 1969 photo made available by NASA, flight controllers at the Mission Operations Control Room in the Mission Control Center at the Manned Spacecraft Center in Houston, celebrate the successful conclusion of the Apollo 11 lunar landing mission
Last Thursday night, the Beresheet was launched from Florida's Cape Canaveral, kicking off Israel's first lunar landing mission. The Beresheet, built and operated by the private Israeli firm SpaceIL, is the first Israeli-built spacecraft.
When the Apollo 11 lunar landing mission concluded, the mission control room in Houston, Texas, filled with smiles, cheers and American flags.
Russia had previously worked on a large rocket in the 1960s, the N-1, for a lunar landing mission but abandoned the project after the United States won the race to land men on the moon in 1969.
Washington, April 2 ( ANI ): Pioneering astronaut Buzz Aldrin, who made history as the second man to walk on the moon in 1969, just after Neil Armstrong during the historic Apollo 11 lunar landing mission, wants NASA to set its sights on more ambitious destinations, far beyond the moon - Mars.
MAGNIFICENT DESOLATION: THE LONG JOURNEY HOME FROM THE MOON provides a powerful autobiography of his life, from his rise to become an astronaut on the first lunar landing mission to his view of life as one of the representatives of America's space program.
Neil Armstrong was the man chosen to be the commander of NASA's first manned lunar landing mission, Apollo 11.
Apollo 13 was an American spacecraft, launched on April 11, to be the third successful manned lunar landing mission. But two days after leaving Earth the explosion forced them to abandon their plans of landing on the Fra Mauro highlands of the moon.
The 4ft long, 650lb spacecraft was NASA's first return to the moon since the last manned, lunar landing mission, Apollo 17, in 1972.
About 2,200 samples of lunar rocks were brought to Earth by NASA's Apollo lunar landing missions from 1969 to 1972.
Grumman's challenges at Kennedy Space Center during the lunar landing missions are discussed as are problems of coping with Congress and the customer.