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A HANOI-based group keen on preserving the ancient values of communal houses will host its annual gathering featuring traditional customs to celebrate the Lunar New Year Festival on January 26-27 in the Vietnamese capital.
Chia Hsin-hsing , a supervisor of Weather Risk, said on his Facebook page that there are four types of situations when rogue waves are likely in the area, including: in the winter when the northeast monsoon is strong, in the summer when the southwest monsoon is strong, when typhoons are churning in the outer ocean, and at high tide during the lunar new year festival period, especially if there are monsoons or typhoons.
Given this, it is fair to say that China's soft power supported by its annual lunar new year festival is on the rise globally with a view to promoting mutual respect and friendship among the peoples of various cultural, ethnical and racial origins.
-Sajibu Cheiraoba is the lunar new year festival of the people who follow the Sanamahism religion of Manipur.
One employee at the company said that while Chinese consumers are more likely to give gifts of clothes, expensive food and new furniture, the trend of giving tech gifts is becoming a more important part of the Lunar New Year festival.
Joanne Tanyongkul, senior marketing manager for Sea World, says the park's Lunar New Year Festival area will be alive with sights, sounds and aromas celebrating Asian culture.
Demand for poultry in Vietnam is expected to surge over coming days as families gear up to celebrate the lunar new year festival Tet next week.
District head Thanh said hunting is particularly bad in the run-up to Vietnam's lunar new year festival, because it is traditional to have special meals and many villagers are poor.
Hundreds of millions of people watched the magic trick on January 30, the eve of the Lunar New Year festival on the China Central Television network (CCTV).
12 Jan -- Chinese officials have unveiled plans to carry out more inspections of food additive facilities, supermarkets and restaurants in a host of provinces leading up the major Lunar New Year festival.
The two sides exchanged landmark non-stop charter flights for the first time in more than 50 years during the Lunar New Year Festival of January and February 2005.