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10 years: Lung cancer death rate drops to 12 per 100,000, almost that of non-smokers.
Trends for lung cancer death rates paralleled those for incidence rates.
But the lung cancer death rate dropped by nearly 50 percent among men since 1991.
In 2016, the lung cancer death rate in noncore counties was 48.6 per 100,000 compared with 33.0 in large central metropolitan counties.
Men who never smoked had a cumulative lung cancer mortality of 1.6% at age 80, while women who never smoked had a cumulative 1.2% lung cancer death rate at age 80.
The colorectal cancer death rate has dropped by 33 percent and the lung cancer death rate has dropped by 20 percent since 1999.
However, Black men have a far higher age-adjusted lung cancer death rate than White men, while Black and White women have similar rates.
Research in the general population shows that low-dose chest CT scans reduce the lung cancer death rate by detecting lung cancer in smokers 55 to 74 years old.
Under an optimal scenario of 100% screening uptake and a 30% reduction in lung cancer death rates, 18,375 lung cancer deaths would be averted each year by LDCT screening, Dr.
Lung cancer death rates in Chinese New Yorkers are high and have increased from 2001 through 2010 for both men and women.
The potential benefits of screening would be hugely significant in Liverpool, as the city has the highest lung cancer death rates in the country.
Britain has had the highest death rates in women for a decade and is now seeing a levelling off, the researchers said, but female lung cancer death rates are rising everywhere else in the region.