LURDLiberians United for Reconciliation and Democracy
LURDLiving, Unrelated Donor
LURDLesbian until Release Date (prison slang)
LURDLiving Unrelated Renal Donation (University of Wisconsin)
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The first LURD insurgency started at the beginning of 1999, but the reports from the GoL were not taken seriously by either the UNSC or the international media.
As he took to the podium, the LURD delegation, emboldened by the indictment, walked out.
CHEERS: John Perkins, George Curtis, John Reay, John Sillett and Lurd Gomey.
The LURD rebels have no clear ideology, other than to use their drugged-up child soldiers to defeat Charles Taylor's equally stoned and youthful fighters.
Mr Taylor testified that Bility was an intelligence officer for the US embassy in Monrovia and Defence witness DCT-190 subsequently testified that Bility served as a source of information for LURD [the US and UK-backed anti-Taylor rebel group].
1) either LURD is seen as a suspicious practice tainted by the specter of commercialism and therefore raises ethical and juridical questions; these suspicions should thus be eliminated or at least rigorously controlled;
Finally, Taylor himself handed us--the prosecution team--the opportunity to execute the final aspects of Operation Rope when he agreed to peace talks with the LURD and MODEL in Accra, the capital of Ghana.
LURD and MODEL both signed a peace agreement on August 18 and the long civil war finally came to a conclusion, but only after it had resulted in hundreds of thousands killed, many more thousands of internally and externally displaced refugees, and almost complete economic melt-down.
The country's civil war, which ended in 2003, had a religious undertone in that the LURD rebels were mostly Muslim Mandingos while government troops were mostly animists and Christians.
The other frontrunners are Sekou Conneh, the leader of the Lurd rebel group that forced Taylor out of Monrovia in 2003, and who is campaigning on a platform of providing more help to former combatants, noted economist Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, who is standing for the Unity Party, and Roland Massaquoi, who served as a minister in the government of Charles Taylor.
In the cabinet that was picked to work alongside NTGL chairman Gyude Bryant, the NPP retained five ministries, while five each were allocated to the members of LURD and MODEL.
Fanta's ordeal began last year when her father was killed in an attack on their village by Lurd fighters.