LURDLeft Up Right Down (navigation)
LURDLiberians United for Reconciliation and Democracy
LURDLiving, Unrelated Donor
LURDLesbian until Release Date (prison slang)
LURDLong-Range Urine Release Device
LURDLiving Unrelated Renal Donation (University of Wisconsin)
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Patients were divided into two groups; LRD and LURD. One patient received a kidney from a deceased donor and was included in the LRD group.
Formed in Sierra Leone but structured in Guinea, LURD was first chaired by Mohammed Jumandy and subsequently headed by Sekou Demate Conneh from the end of 2001 and his wife, Aisha Conneh, an adopted daughter of President Lansana Conteh of Guinea.
As he took to the podium, the LURD delegation, emboldened by the indictment, walked out.
CHEERS: John Perkins, George Curtis, John Reay, John Sillett and Lurd Gomey.
The LURD rebels have no clear ideology, other than to use their drugged-up child soldiers to defeat Charles Taylor's equally stoned and youthful fighters.
Mr Taylor testified that Bility was an intelligence officer for the US embassy in Monrovia and Defence witness DCT-190 subsequently testified that Bility served as a source of information for LURD [the US and UK-backed anti-Taylor rebel group]."
For example Human Rights Watch (2002) reported that the Liberian United for Reconciliation and Democracy (LURD) fighting faction, a Liberian opposition group widely believed to be backed by the government of Guinea, launched an incursion from Guinea into Northern Lofa County in July 2000.
The attacks led to Guinea's support for the LURD (Liberians United For Reconciliation and Democracy) rebels in their attacks against the Liberian government of Charles Taylor.
Actually, if compared both with deceased donation and living related donation, living unrelated donation (LURD) is the only category that steadily increased after 1990.
The resumed civil war in Liberia finally came under the international spotlight in early June 2003 as the insurgent group Liberians United for Reconciliation and Democracy (LURD), long confined to remote areas of the country, made a rapid advance upon Monrovia and tens of thousands of refugees streamed into the capital city.
The Liberians United for Reconciliation and Democracy (LURD), supported by Guinea, and the Movement for Democracy in Liberia (MODEL), supported by the Ivory Coast, began to move south and west respectively towards Monrovia.