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LUSLafayette Utilities System
LusLusitanian (linguistics)
LUSLineamiento Universal Superior (Spanish: Superior Universal Alignment; Argentina)
LUSLatymer Upper School (London, UK)
LUSLook-Up Service
LUSLocation Update Service
LUSLive Update Service (software; Symantec)
LUSLand Use System (economic model)
LUSLast Unit Standing (gaming)
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As one commemorative ode rendered recent events: "The Lusitanians were ruled by a light and gentle Scepter/ Within the stormy Universe/ Of a perverse system/ the Pious Prince offered Benign shelter [.
1995): Recognition and stratigraphical significance of the Aptian unconformity in the Lusitanian Basin, Portugal.
Sectorial data regarding the foraminiferal assemblages recorded in the two sections analyzed which represent different facies within the Lusitanian Basin, can be found in Figueiredo (2009), Figueiredo et al.
Though the Muslim merchants of Cannanore and the casado traders of Cochin visited the archipelago in competition with each other, the Portuguese accepted the Maldives as a dominion of the Ali Raja by 1627, probably with a view to ensuring a supply of Maldive cowries and coir for Lusitanian commerce (84)
90) Above all else, up until the 1950s, they promote the Lusitanian hero who, in Africa, becomes the farmer of large tracts of land.
However, the quarry is more favourably included in the unity designated as Bombarral Formation (="Gres Superiores"), which is partially equivalent to the Alcobaca Formation in the northern sector of the Lusitanian Basin (Fig.
1998) and in the UK (Hesselbo and Jenkyns, 1993), but this age do not coincide with the timing reported in the Basque-Cantabrian Basin, in the Lusitanian Basin, in the Tethyan domain and in the Haq et al.
The studied Asterosoma forms, as well as the associated palaeoichnocoenoses found in two Jurassic sequences from the Lusitanian Basin, Portugal (Fig.
In the contribution of Matthias Gahr, a palaeoecological analysis of Lower Toarcian benthic mollusc and brachiopod faunas from the Lusitanian Basin (Portugal) and the Celtiberian Chains (Spain) is given.