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LUSLogical Units
LUSLand Use System (economic model)
LUSLafayette Utilities System
LUSLusitanian (linguistics)
LUSLavender Unicorn Syndrome
LUSLineamiento Universal Superior (Spanish: Superior Universal Alignment; Argentina)
LUSLight User Scheme (mobile phone plan)
LUSLast Unit Standing (gaming)
LUSLimited User Subway
LUSLatymer Upper School (London, UK)
LUSLook-Up Service
LUSLocation Update Service
LUSLive Update Service (software; Symantec)
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Seasonal variation of sound production in the Lusitanian toadfish Halobatrachus didactylus.
Organic-rich deposits and black shales have also been recorded in the Portuguese Lusitanian Basin (Duarte et al, 2010, 2014; Suva, 2013; Boussaha et al, 2014).
Writing in the history magazine Lapham's Quarterly, Prof Struck, undergraduate chair of classical studies, said: "The very best paid of these - in fact, the best paid athlete of all time - was a Lusitanian Spaniard named Gaius Appuleius Diocles."
The context of the period that marked the transfer of the Portuguese Court to Brazil can be seen as a time reference for the Lusitanian cycle declining process and the ascension of France and England as foreign references for Brazil.
Dubai India's hockey legend Dhanraj Pillay will officiate in the Lusitanian Hockey Club's 11th edition of the Seiko Al Futtaim Watches and Jewellery Hockey Tournament to be held at the Cambridge High School ground from today.
The Lusitanian Catholic Apostolic Evangelical Church is the Anglican Church in Portugal, organized with the aid of the American Episcopal Church in 1880, recognized by many provinces of the Anglican Communion in the 1960s, and since 1980 organized as an extra provincial diocese under the metropolitan authority of the Archbishop of Canterbury.
This rarity, known as an oceanic Lusitanian species and usually found off the Atlantic coast of Spain, Portugal and north-west Africa, has teeth like a piranha.
What there is no reason to suppose is that the same two thirds, or anything that resembles those two thirds, are for Lusitanian Integralism, whose principles, which are in fact foreign, the government manifesto and the Salazar report want to impose on us as the sum of social science and a necessary condition of ours.]
Campbell, in an allegiance which Meihuizen elegantly explores, identified explicitly with Camoens, naming an impressive volume Adamastor, invoking the titan in "Rounding the Cape", and addressing a sonnet to the Lusitanian: "I found a comrade where I sought a master".