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Luxx Chocolat was founded by Master Chocolatier Lisa Mecray Rogers.
The Luxx project consists of approximately 100,000 acres on tidewater of Chesterfield Inlet, approximately 60 km from the community of Chesterfield Inlet and 100 km north of the community of Rankin Inlet.
People are hungry for something that's exciting and glamorous, which of course always attracted the gays," declares Tee, who--as the organizer of the Luxx parties and the festival--has emerged as the scene's go-to guy.
Compere and organiser Luxx hopes to squeeze all the poetic talent from Huddersfield and beyond into her live nights.
SES World Skies, a division of satellite operator SES SA (Paris: SESG) LuxX SESG) today announced that it has signed a capacity agreement with IP services and DTH TV operator Wananchi.