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LUFLuxembourg Franc (Currency Unit, ISO)
LUFLiberala Ungdomsförbundet (Swedish: Liberal Youth)
LUFLowest Usable Frequency
LUFLove You Forever
LUFLiving Universe Foundation
LUFLot Unit Factor (development; California)
LUFLine Unit Failure
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The Grand Duchy has been in a monetary union with Belgium since 1921 and the Luxembourg franc is pegged at the value of its Belgian counterpart so the there has been little national symbolism attached to the currency.
Given the decline in unit labour costs in 1994, the recent appreciation of the Luxembourg franc in effective terms should not significantly affect the international competitiveness of the economy and its export performance.
The international competitive position is expected to remain weak, given the strong recovery of the Belgian and Luxembourg franc and the rigid wage formation process.