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LVALatvia (ISO Country code)
LVALibrary of Virginia (Richmond, VA)
LVALas Vegas Advisor (consumer newsletter; Las Vegas, NV)
LVALandesversicherungsanstalt (German: public insurance)
LVALiteracy Volunteers of America
LVALayered Voice Analysis (Nemesysco)
LVALas Vegas Academy
LVALogistics Value Added
LVALedamot av Vetenskapsakademien (Swedish: Member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences)
LVALow Vision Aid
LVALao Veterans of America
LVALaval, France (Airport Code)
LVALeft Ventricular Aneurysm
LVALuchtvaart Afdeling (Dutch: Aviation Department)
LVALaunch Vehicle Adapter
LVALow Volatility Agent
LVALondon Volleyball Association (UK)
LVALink Vector Algorithm
LVALanding Vehicle Assault (WW II)
LVALocal Vendor Agreement
LVALicenced Vintners Association (Ireland)
LVALos Verdes Alternativos
LVALa Vie de l'Automobile (French: Life of the Automobile)
LVALicenced Victuallers Association (UK pub landlord trade organisation)
LVAList Vitterbi Algorithm
LVALanding Vehicle Airfoil
LVALost Vacuum Alarm
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11 January 2018 - Texas, US-based landscape architectural design firm RVi Planning + Landscape Architecture has agreed to acquire Arizona, US-based LVA Urban Design Studio to strengthen RVI's client base, the company said.
Figure 2 The types of LVAs dispensed from initial LVSW assessments Category of LVA Frequency Hand/Stand 4781 Light 775 Distance 454 Spectacle mounted 59 Electronic 734 Accessory 1299 Note: Table made from bar graph.
Maize plants cultivated in the LVA showed higher values of height in all days of evaluation (Figure 2), suggesting that this soil promoted better conditions for the development of the crop, regardless of the doses and periods of evaluation.
Cardiac CT showed a large LVA involving the mid-to-distal inferolateral segments and large mobile filamentous structures arising from the junction of normal and aneurysmal wall, representing thrombi.
Vision levels with and without LVA use were compared using a paired-samples t test.
He comes to LVA with a significant portfolio that features projects and communities encompassing more than 20,000 acres throughout Arizona and California.
The diameter of the LVA was 6 mm and it entered through C3 foramen transversarium.
As presented in Figure 1, more female clients than male clients seek language assessment and referral services: 1,512 (61%) for LVA and 1,559 (63%) for LINC.
The VFI and the LVA represent around 6,000 publicans.
Left ventricular acute myocardial infarction (LVAMI) and the resulting LVA are simulated by modifying a previously developed model of the cardiovascular system for a healthy, young adult under resting conditons (i.
However, enhanced sensing systems and new control software now allow the LVA to operate in continuous motion with length sensing and adjustment taking place simultaneously.