LVDPLeft Ventricular Developed Pressure (cardiology)
LVDPLake Victoria Development Programme (East African Community)
LVDPLaurens van der Post
LVDPLow Velocity Dense Phase (physics)
LVDPLeft Ventricular Diastolic Performance
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Any heart with a HR < 250 beats/min, CF > 18 mL/min or < 8 mL/min, or LVDP < 80 mmHg when the LVEDP was maintained at 5-10 mmHg at the end of stabilization was excluded from the study.
IR significantly deteriorated cardiac function as demonstrated by significantly decreased CF, LVDP, [+ or -][d.
Furthermore, experimental hypertension is associated with higher infarct size and probability of arrhythmia following ischemia reperfusion, (9) decreased recovery of LVDP, (8) and higher coronary resistance.
For the ischaemic control group, the end of the reperfusion was marked by a dramatic decrease of LVDP, HR and coronary flow compared with the pre-ischaemic values (Table 1).
female's hearts displayed better recovery of LVDP than the hearts
Compared with S group, the other groups had a significant decrease in HR, LVDP and dp/dtmax, an great increase ( P < 0.
After ischemia reperfusion, the FR ultra-fine group showed significantly lower recovery of postischemic LVDP (Figure 6A) and increased infarct size (Figure 6B) compared with the saline controls.
The CF and LVDP were continuously monitored during the perfusion of modified Krebs buffer in COC extract-treated heart and I/R heart.