LVISLaser Vegetation Imaging Sensor (US NASA)
LVISLibraries Very Interested in Sharing
LVISLadies Village Improvement Society (East Hampton, NY)
LVISLow Velocity Intense Source
LVISLarge Vehicle Inspection System
LVISLas Vegas Institute of Sport (UK)
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These were the so-called Low Volume Instruments (LVI), which made an immediate market impact at the time, and which in later years were the platform for the development of the high-speed integrated system known as High Volume Instrument (HVI) testing.
LVIS. NASA's Land, Vegetation and Ice Sensor (LVIS) is a wide-swath scanning laser altimeter (lidar) system that digitally records the shapes of the outgoing and reflected laser pulses (Blair et al.
Contrasting the definitions of [y.sup.[+ or -]] in (23) and M and p in (25), the above LVIs (see (42)) are exactly in the compact form (see (25)) as the equivalence of QP problem in (19)-(22).
An IMPC of the breast is linked to higher frequencies of lymphovascular invasion (LVI) and lymph nodal metastasis (LNM), which has gained increasing attention in the past 20 years.
Bryan Blair of Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Md., principal investigator for the Land, Vegetation and Ice Sensor, or LVIS, said that the more ground that they cover the more comparison points they will have for ICESat-2.
It would see him sign a deal to play E a lvis Presley in a West End musical, who he had worked with as a young musician in the 1950s.
Examples of large-footprint laser altimeters include MKII [3] and a similar system described in Nilsson [42], as well as a series of airborne devices developed at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center, starting with a profiling sensor described by Bufton and colleagues [8] and including SLICER [Scanning Lidar Imager of Canopies by Echo Recovery; 5, 22, and 23], LVIS [Laser Vegetation Imaging Sensor; 6], and VCL [Vegetation Canopy Lidar; 11] satellite.
Products-Services: Develop and manufacture explosives and contraband detection systems, inspection systems include: MUVIS, LVIS and DOVIS.