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LVOVLeft Ventricular Outflow Volume
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In a desperate bid for his life Mr Kapitanec fled Lvov, never to see his father and mother again.
But when the Germans arrived in 1941, he and his wife were sent to a concentration camp near Lvov.
If we accept the idea that a journey to a heightened realm is possible, then the title of the poem becomes a question of logistics--how to reach Lvov--instead of ontology--if a journey to Lvov is possible.
His drive for Lvov is not the flight of a dream; he is looking for the worldly platform from which he might leverage a departure.
Lvov DK, Deryabin PG, Myasnenko AM, Skvortsova TM, Aristova VA, Butenko AM, et al.
The Barber Institute at the University of Birmingham is included in a list of British museums and leading art galleries that own drawings from the studio of Albrecht Durer,which were looted from the Polish city of Lvov during the Second World War.
7 GHz through a regional tender in Kiev, Kiev region, Odessa, Odessa region, as well as in Lvov and Lvov region.
The AtlasGlobal unit now operates two A320-200s on scheduled services from Kharkov, Lvov, and Zaporozhye to Istanbul Ataturk.
Dortmund Seville (a) 3-1 St Pauli (a) 0-2 Hercules (h) 5-0 Kaiserslautern (h) 1-1 Racing (a) 3-1 Schalke (a) 2-1 Malaga (a) 4-3* Karpaty Lvov (h) 0-1* Paris St-G (h) 2-0 Wolfsburg (h) 0-0 Deportivo (a) 3-1 Stuttgart (a) 4-1 Levante *cup match
Born in 1908 near what is now Lvov, Ukraine - then a Polish city - he trained as an engineer and later set up as an architect.
Born in Lvov in 1945, his personal identity remains anchored in the East, while his cultural identity follows Western lines.
State prosecutor Ms Sabine Maylaender said he had been in the Gestapo secret police in the Polish city of Lublin and was suspected of taking part in mass killings of mostly Jews in Lublin and the Ukrainian city of Lvov between 1942 and 1943.