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LWIPLinear Wave Interpretation Page (meteorology)
LWIPLightweight Internet Protocol
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This paper gives a brief introduction to an implementation of such a serial-to-Ethernet converter (hereinafter referred to as the converter) using a 32-bit microcontroller STM32F107 and the lwIP (A lightweight TCP/IP).
The open source TCP/IP stack, lwIP, supports well-known protocols such as IP, ICMP, UDP, TCP, DHCP, and ARP required for the implementation of the converter.
If confirmed, several lwIP API functions are called sequentially to transmit the stored data over the Ethernet connection.
Unlike the serial data processed by interrupt handlers, data received from the Ethernet interface are processed by lwIP callback functions.
It is not the lwIP but the application that is responsible for handling the error appropriately via the callback function.
As mentioned above, the data received from the Ethernet interface are processed by the lwIP callback functions.
The lwIP also includes Nagle's algorithm in the implementation of TCP.
To this end, Nagle's algorithm included in the lwIP needs to be disabled for normal operation of the converter.
The paper introduced an implementation of a configurable Serial-to-Ethernet converter using the lwIP stack and a 32-bit microcontroller.
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LWIP [9] Considers only time to live (TTL) field of IP header to trace out attack path in DDoS attacks.