LWWLippincott Williams and Wilkins
LWWLion the Witch and the Wardrobe (movie)
LWWLast Writer Wins
LWWLincoln-Way West (high school; New Lenox, IL)
LWWLanguages of the Wider World (Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning; UK)
LWWLED (Light-Emitting Diode) Wall Washer (lighting)
LWWLattice Weyl-Wigner Formulation
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Repeatabilities for NPW and LWW were not calculated because of cross-foster of piglets practiced in the farms.
Some members of the cast have met up with him in New York and London to attend premieres of the film version of LWW, visited him in his former home Rathvinden in Ireland and his new home on the island of Malta.
Then in 2003, in a meeting between Howie, Steve Young, who had joined the LWW staff as development director, and the Synod of Living Waters executive David Snellgrove, a eureka moment struck.
LWW Properties acquired the location in September 2005 as part of a $606,000 deal with RTG Properties LLC, led by Randy Gattis.
This is her chapter on myth, as Lewis presents it in An Experiment in Criticism--and she is saying that, as Phantastes was mythic for Lewis, not necessarily for others, the mythic book for her, the Magician's spell for refreshment, was LWW.
The FSU COM license to LWW provided access to all journals in the package; individual titles could not be dropped to conserve funds.
Our work with LWW will also help us create more educational opportunities linked directly to not only JNN but to other professional journals as well.
The LWW also operates as a wet or dry collection substrate for sampling specific surfaces.
Tenders are invited for Spl Repairs To Bldg No P 25 Of Offciers Mess Staff At R O Flt Bldg No T 47 A Lph Area Under Lww And Drain No 7 Ci Det Ccciu And Bldg No T 174 Otm Accn Of 2 8 Gr Under Ge Ranchi
Trumpets already has a musical version of LWW that debuted in 1997.
LWW massage therapy and bodywork educational series