LyPLymphomatoid Papulosis (dermatology)
LyPLee, Yang and Parr (mathematics)
LyPLocal Yellow Pages (directory advertising)
LyPLancaster Young Professionals (Lancaster, PA)
LyPLowcountry Young Professionals (South Carolina)
LyPLoft Youth Project (Scotland, UK)
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LYP offers business and home tours each year, while also holding industry events where professionals can learn about prominent companies in Lancaster and tour their facilities.Both groups offer professional development meetings where members can learn about various aspects of business and professional life, including the importance of networking, leadership, investing, workplace harassment, workplace transitions and professional opportunities, as well as basic "adulting" tasks such as filing taxes, learning about insurance, and managing 401(k)s and other retirement funds.
To the best of our knowledge, this is the first case of LyP to be published from Bangladesh.
Sok's mother-in-law, Tith Ten, 61, visited him in prison yesterday, saying he told her he had installed about eight boundary markers when four LYP Group security guards showed up, asked him to get inside a car and told him they would go to the company to settle the issue.
Differentials to keep in mind when evaluating a case of PCALCL are B-cell lymphoma, leukemia cutis, lymphocytoma cutis, LyP, and other reactive conditions such as arthropod bites, drug eruptions, and viral infections.
Cutaneous [CD30.sup.+] lymphoproliferative disorders ([CD30.sup.+] LPDs) include primary C-ALCL and LyP, as well as a subset of transformed MF.
where Ex is the exchange energy Ec is the correlation energy, and HF, B88, VWN, LYP are the Hartree-Fock, Beck [43], Vosko-Wilk-Nusair [44], and the Lee-Yang-Parr [41] terms, respectively.
PTPN22 Gene and LYP. The protein tyrosine nonreceptor type 22 (PTPN22) gene is located at 1P13.3-13.1, contains 16 exons, and encodes a 110 kDa lymphoid protein tyrosine phosphatase (LYP), a potent inhibitor of T cell activity.
Here we present a severe and devastating case with a very rare variant of LyP type E, which is, to our knowledge, the first case successfully treated with IFN alfa-2a.
Based on DGGE profiles, Smithella propionica strain LYP and Syntrophus sp.
Roifman, "Cloning and characterization of a lymphoid-specific, inducible human protein tyrosine phosphatase, Lyp," Blood, vol.
LyP affects people of all ages, and its peak incidence occurs in the 5th decade.
To support the growth of the aviation industry across Pakistan, Gerry's Dnata has launched services at Multan International airport (MUX), Quetta International (UET) and Faisalabad International (LYP).