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LYDLibyan Dinar (ISO currency code)
LydLydian (linguistics)
LYDLibertad Y Desarrollo (Spanish: Freedom & Development; Las Condes, Chile)
LYDLittle. Yellow. Different. (blog)
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Client Information : Lydian International Limited is a publically-held corporation, registered in Jersey, Channel Islands and listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange.
In 2009 the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) became a shareholder of Lydian
Lydian is a gold-focused mineral exploration and development company with expertise employing 'first mover' strategies in emerging exploration environments.
This paper will discuss a fragment from the Lydian author named Xanthus (FGrH 765) and its value in connection with Carian mytho-genealogical identity.
Palm Beach-based Lydian Private Bank & Trust was fined $18,000 for failing to properly report data on mortgage transactions to regulators.
The Lydian civilization in Daskyleion took place between 7th century and mid 6th century.
The Miami regional president for Lydian Bank & Trust, Roche has managed to show growth in an unfriendly economy.
Meier uses an eleven-note tone row, a Lydian motive, and aleatoric elements to create violent outbursts contrasted with moments of tranquility.
Heining draws from interviews with Russell, his friends, family, musicians, associates, and commentators to describe his relationships with musicians like Charlie Parker, Dizzy Gillespie, and Bill Evans; how he dealt with racism in his early life and career in Cincinnati; his development of the Lydian Chromatic Concept of Tonal Organization; his compositions and recordings; and aspects of his life such as his adoption and illnesses from tuberculosis.
Headstrong recently acquired mortgage processing company Lydian Data Services, making it a leading provider of correspondent loan fulfillment services.
Lydian International Ltd (TSX: LYD), a UK-based mineral exploration and development company, has completed a non-brokered strategic private placement offering.
She works in western Turkey, where for two centuries researchers have excavated remains of royal Lydian tombs dating from the seventh to third centuries B.