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LYRALake Yacht Racing Association
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De estos ultimos, en los numeros revisados de las dos epocas --entre 1913 y 1924-- se publican trece cuentos, que aparecen sin firma de Carmen Lyra.
In an interview, he said that he was having problems getting the book started before he realized that Lyra had a daemon.
The range of applications for which the Lyra is currently cleared gives the practitioner a number of treatment options with a single system and provides an outstanding value.
Will meets Lyra after he finds a window into another world, in midair.
Vendors should be adopting new marketing strategies that aim to spur second-and third-PC purchases in households," said Larry Jamieson, senior consultant at Lyra Research.
A string environment is created by the special harmonic architecture of the cello and the Cretan lyra.
However, Lyra initially faced a struggle with her voice - more specifically the strong Irish influences that can be heard in all of her work.
While the Lyra won't say what's next on your schedule or pedal for you, it still qualifies as a 'smart' device, thanks to its integrated LED lighting and GPS tracking system.
Winn's (Jeremy Jordan) love for Lyra (Tamzin Merchant) will be tested in a huge way in tonight's episode of "Supergirl.
It seems apt that Steve Mould's 10-month-old daughter Lyra is oohing and aahing away as her father tries to feed her and answer questions about his upcoming Edinburgh show at the same time.
THE GOLDEN COMPASS Channel 4, 6pm Orphan Lyra Belacqua lives in a parallel universe populated by magical and menacing characters.