M-26Mouvement du 26 Juillet (French)
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The brothers departed for Mexico with other members of the M-26 to begin planning another attempt to overthrow Batista.
Through a campaign of guerilla warfare, Castro and the M-26 slowly expanded its control across Cuba, and in January of 1959, Batista fled the country.
With these changes, the military road south of Houghton assumed the rough configuration of contemporary trunk lines M-26 and US-45.
Much of the highway retained the name "Military Road" until the period between 1913 and 1920, when it acquired Michigan trunk-line status as M-26. The portion from around Rockland south was re-designated US-45 in 1934.
As he told the Criminal investigation Division (CiD) later that day, he "drank a half a case of Budweiser beer, 12 cans, and also had about a pint of rum." About an hour later, Cornett took an M-26 fragmentation grenade off his web belt and put it on his refrigerator.
En noviembre de 1958 la direccion del M-26 en la provincia de Las Villas la envio a la Sierra de Escambray, en el centro de Cuba, para entregar 50 mil pesos a la Columna 8 de la guerrilla que comandaba el Che en esa region.
Shards of an M-26 hand grenade were found nearby, according to the police.
M-26, Houghton County, will be restricted to one lane in alternating directions via temporary signals just north of Dollar Bay over a tributary of Gooseneck Creek.
Tenders are invited for Providing box lining from ch.0.050 to 1.00 km of sm -1 of m-26 of d-36 of krbc
2 pcs PR facades 22.90 m-26.80 m / 2.45 m-3.22 m; approx.
Traffic is detoured on US-2 and M-26. M-35, Menominee County, will have traffic maintained over the Cedar River bridge with a temporary traffic signal.