M-26Mouvement du 26 Juillet (French)
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About an hour later, Cornett took an M-26 fragmentation grenade off his web belt and put it on his refrigerator.
The Series M-26 MTN Debentures are being offered in all provinces of Canada and in the United States to institutional investors that satisfy applicable state registration exemptions through a syndicate of agents.
1 -- color) Sheriff's training officer Sam Sdehnel fires an M-26 Taser gun into a target.
The Washington State Department of Correction recently selected Stinger's S-200 projectile stun gun for purchase over Taser's M-26 and X-26 projectile stun guns.
Their study showed that peak amperage (current) delivered by the Taser M-26 is 7.
Our M-26 ADVANCED TASER(R) product is now being utilized by more than 500 police departments across the country, and another 200 police departments are currently testing the product.
University has completed a study comparing the output of the Stinger S-200 projectile stun gun to the Taser M-26 and Taser X-26 in an animal model.
7 7 Kurling Washer Drg/Drm/Sg/Aws/570-Pg No-8 8 Plain Washer Drg/Drm/Sg/Aws/570-Pg-9 9 Check Nut M-26 Drg/Drm/Sg/Aws/570-Pg No.
statement that Taser's challenged 7,234,262 patent only reads upon its low sales volume M-26 weapon is grossly inaccurate.
It is alleged that the application for the '262 Patent was erroneously designated as a continuation of an earlier Taser patent application, filed on September 17, 1999, and that Taser failed to disclose to the United States Patent and Trademark Office that from at least the year 2000, Taser had manufactured an M-26 model Taser, embodying the inventions claimed in the '262 application.
7 7 Kurling Washer Drg/Drm/Sg/Aws/570-Pg No-8 8 Plain Washer Drg/Drm/Sg/Aws/570-Pg No-9 9 Check Nut M-26 Drg/Drm/Sg/Aws/570-Pg No.
Secondary causes resulting from the higher powered electric shocks from the model M-18 or M-26 tasers, like uncontrolled falls and vertebral and other fractures from violent shock induced paroxysms, also risk death.