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M-AMSAN-4-9-Acridinylamino-3-Methoxyphenyl-Methanesulfonamide (chemistry)
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Subsequently, the [IC.sub.50] values of evodiamine on the proliferation of human leukaemia THP-1 and K562 cell lines were compared with two known anti-tumour drugs, m-AMSA and etoposide, after a 1 h treatment.
Evodiamine also showed Topo II inhibitory activity and was more effective as an inhibitor compared with a well-known Topo II poison, m-AMSA (Fig.
Evodiamine was identified as a dual inhibitor against both human Topo I and II enzymes with [IC.sub.50] 60.74 [micro]M and 78.81 [micro]M, respectively, and is a better inhibitor than m-AMSA ([IC.sub.50] 146.72 [micro]M) of Topo II.