M-CMale Healthy Controls (experimental terminology)
M-CMolar to Canine
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The difficulty has been strangely exaggerated and misapprehended.
Never divining Joan's fluttering wildness, her blind hatred of restraint and compulsion, her abhorrence of mastery by another, and mistaking the warmth and enthusiasm in her eyes (aroused by his latest tale) for something tender and acquiescent, he drew her to him, laid a forcible detaining arm about her waist, and misapprehended her frantic revolt for an exhibition of maidenly reluctance.
Irwin Gruverman, President, CEO and Chairman, stated "Management anticipates that the Company will report operating profitability, before charges related to impairment of goodwill associated with the discontinued M-C operations, for both the fourth quarter of 2003 and for the 2003 fiscal year.