M-CATMyocyte-Specific Chloramphenicol Acetyltransferase
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They later discovered he had three different types of drug in his system, cocaine, M-Cat and ketamine.
She said: "They gave it to the girls - M-Cat was cheap, makes you like a zombie and wanting to keep going.
There were then a series of further transactions and on March 1 there was a conversation between Sarah and Iqbal about M-Cat. Ali was in the front seat of Iqbal's car at the time and said he was in a position to access it.
Ysbyty Gwynedd pathologist Dr Mark Lord said toxicity tests showed he had died due to "cocaine poisoning" but there was no trace of M-cat in his system.
Lauren said she had been drinking Mad Dog 20/20 wine and had taken some M-CAT at Ibrox during the game.
"Parents should also make themselves aware of what to look out for, what M-Cat looks like, smells like and the effects it can have."
Five years ago there was just a single referral to drugs treatment services for so called M-cat use - since implicated in a string of suicides.
For around 18 months, he'd been using the drug mephedrone, also known as M-Cat and miaow miaow, a powerful stimulant which was made illegal in 2010.
Mephedrone (methylmethcathinone, also known as M-Cat, Meow, 4-MMC, or Bubbles)
For the identification of sexual reproductive strategy, 28 AFLP primer combinations were investigated (E--EcoRI; M--Msel and three selective nucleotides): E-ACC / M-CAG; E-ACC/ M-CAT; E-ACC / M-CTA; E-ACC/ M-CTC; E-AAG/ M-CAG; E-AAG / M-CAT; E-AAG / M-CTA; E-AAG / M-CTC; E-ACA / M- CAG; E-ACA / M-CAT; E-ACA / M-CTA; E-ACA / M-CTC; E-ACT/ M-CAG; E-ACT / M-CAT; E-ACT/ M-CTA; E-ACT/ M-CTC; E-AAC / M-CAG; E-AAC/ M-CAT; E-AAC/ M-CTA; E-AAC / M-CTC; E-ACG/ M-CAG; E-ACG/ M-CAT; E-ACG / M-CTA; E-ACG / M-CTC; E-AGG / M-CAG; E-AGG / M-CAT; E-AGG / M-CTA; E-AGG / M-CTC.
Paula White, 44, a former director of the now defunct Chester City FC and Widnes Rugby League club, was one of 12 people arrested by Greater Manchester Police by officers investigating online selling of the party drug, also known as m-cat or meow meow.