M-CATMyocyte-Specific Chloramphenicol Acetyltransferase
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Judge Robert Bartfield told them: "It is said you had taken M-CAT and were therefore feeling invincible.
Lauren said she had been drinking Mad Dog 20/20 wine and had taken some M-CAT at Ibrox during the game.
She said she, Helen and others took M-CAT in the pub, which is popular among Rangers fans.
When asked by Penman, prosecuting, if Smith had sold Helen the M-CAT they had been taking, Lauren replied: "That's what she told me.
ACeS offers digital voice and data over its Fixed or Mobile terminals and asset tracking and SCADA services using specialized M-CAT terminals.
Anti-drugs campaigner Jeff Gregory is proposiong extreme measures to tackle the M-CAT menace
ACeS terminals for asset tracking and maritime-use the M-CAT will also be available for China SatCom to further extend its reach to its target customers.
Betz publishes the industry's leading publication, "A Complete Preparation for M-CAT," a test preparation guide for entering medical school.
When the legal high M-CAT was made illegal, she said, it only served to increase the price of the drug and make it more popular, which is why the focus of Evolve is about education rather than legislation.
The friends had bought M-CAT off a 16-year-old who went on to buy a PS5 pizza with his profit from the deal.
He asked the 21-year-old male to get him some M-CAT, a stimulant also known as Meow Meow or mephedrone, but was told there was none.