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M-dayunnamed day on which mobilization of forces begins (US DoD)
M-dayMobilization Day
M-dayMan Day
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Applications through intermediaries registered with the MCCB may continue to be made to lenders in October, even if the mortgage does not fully complete until after M-Day.
Such is the amount of work involved that Direct Line, part of Royal Bank of Scotland, has closed its mortgage arm to new business to prepare its back office systems for M-Day.
Because it is possible for intermediaries to re-classify themselves, it is interesting to note that the great majority of intermediaries remain content with their choice of regulatory status from M-Day.
The introduction of MCOB has effectively split this market into two distinct segments, and lenders must employ different acquisition strategies if they are to win the business of intemediaries post M-Day.
M-Day has radically altered the dynamics of this market.