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M-JPEGMotion Joint Photographic Experts Group
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264, MPEG-4 or M-JPEG video compression modes depending on preference and network settings.
Features include transmission rate of 64 megabytes per second, multiple-format recording (JPEG, M-JPEG, and MPEG-4), and data-stream control between live and recorded images.
2D video formats supported (2D): MKV, MPEG1/2/4 , Real Video , Divx & Xvid , M-JPEG , H.
Made by ELMO USA Corporation of Plainview, New York, the camera delivers simultaneous MPEG-4 and M-JPEG output over the network, so high-quality video can be viewed through standard Web browsers or PC software at the same time that output is sent to an analog CCTV system for display or recording.
264 and three M-JPEG video streams in multiple sizes and resolutions for versatility in monitoring and recording; scheduled Custom Video Settings for optimal image capture according to the time of day; On-board Video Analytics for advanced detection and analysis, Outstanding Low Light Performance and more.
The M-JPEG image output offers resolutions of up to 640 x 480 pixels with a maximum frame rate of 30 frames per second.