M-KMorrison-Knudsen Company, Inc.
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Martel works this out using a duplicate fixture set up at M-K's warehouse.
M-K provides up to 2,500 HBA SKUs to AppleTree, whose employees order and stock the items.
Clipstrips and J-hooks should account for 10% of the housewares business, said M-K's General Manager Jack Kahn.
Encouraged by the success of the gadget menu, M-K may be applying the approach to another hodgepodge section: hardware.
When co-op ad allowances are available, M-K pays the retailer upon proof of performance and then applies to the manufacturer for reimbursement.
The larger banners usually are made for M-K by an outside signmaker.
Diamond said that M-K also is supporting Bonanza on a lower margin to provide a better retail price.
In stores authorized for 12 floorstands, for example, three new shippers are placed each week, while three old ones are removed by M-K. This is done on a programmed system with a placement date and a pull date for each store.
M-K supplies Food City through three divisions, each with its own buying personnel and service merchandising staff.
Besides meeting with Jones, he reviews the GM situation with Diamond and other M-K executives every other month.