M-LAWMichigan Lawsuit Abuse Watch
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This annual contest, and the new book, Remove Child Before Folding, give us a chance to tell the inside story of how our nation's legal system has become so erratic that these types of labels are necessary," says Bob Dorigo Jones, president of M-LAW.
M-LAW is a non-partisan, non-profit organization working to increase public awareness of how the litigation explosion is hurting America.
M-LAW is a non-profit organization working to increase public awareness of how the explosion in litigation is hurting America.
For more about M-LAW or to enter the "Wacky Warning Label Contest," call 1-888-321-MLAW (6529), or visit www.
The high cost of lawsuit abuse to consumers convinced us it was time to undertake this project," said M-LAW president, Robert B.
M-LAW has analyzed every political contribution listed in the public campaign finance reports filed by Granholm and Posthumus, more than 30,000 individual records.
Every year, M-LAW publishes a list of the wackiest warning labels found on consumer products.
M-LAW, short for Michigan Lawsuit Abuse Watch, is a non-partisan organization created to increase public awareness of how frivolous lawsuits drive up the cost of consumer products and affect the way Americans work and live.
M-LAW believes it is important for the people of Michigan to know which candidates are being financially supported by the members of that association.
M-LAW is a non-partisan coalition of consumers, professionals, businesses, community leaders, entrepreneurs and others who believe it is time to stop the lawsuit "lottery" being played across the United States.
This week, M-LAW is also kicking off its third annual "Wacky Warning Label Contest" and an essay contest for Michigan high school seniors.
M-LAW is a non-partisan organization working to alert Michigan citizens about the high cost of frivolous lawsuits and promoting policies to restore common sense to our legal system.