M-RETSMidwest Renewable Energy Tracking System
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Minnesota continues to be highly supportive of M-RETS as a market-based program that will help us meet our goals as stated in the Renewable Energy Standard," said Edward Garvey, Deputy Commissioner of Energy and Telecommunications for the Minnesota Department of Commerce.
Similar to other market-oriented systems, M-RETS enables renewable energy credit tracking and trading, helping to keep costs of developing renewable energy down and encouraging renewable energy generation.
We are pleased to partner with leading organizations in the Midwest region to help them drive the expansion of both the M-RETS system and renewable energy generation.
The first Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) under M-RETS will be issued October 15, 2007.
The purpose of M-RETS is to support and stimulate a regional trading market and to help participants meet their renewable energy standards and objectives.
We are pleased to have been selected for M-RETS, and look forward to supporting regional environmental goals in the Upper Midwest.
M-RETS will provide a tool for these jurisdictions to collect data on renewable energy production and provide a mechanism for monitoring their respective goals.