M-SMid-Side (stereo recording technique)
M-SMiznay-Shardin (mine plate charge)
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Ear length of BSLE(M-S)C27 was 27.3 cm compared with 20 cm for BSLE.
BSLE(M-S)C30 and BSLE(M-L)C30 are significantly different from each other for ear length and other plant and ear traits, and both populations are significantly different from BSLE, the original population, for all traits except for grain yield of BSLE and BSLE(M-L)C27 (Lopez-Mendoza and Hallauer, 1998).
Breeder seed of BSLE(M-S)C30 and BSLE(M-L)C30 is maintained by the Iowa Agriculture and Home Economics Experiment Station.
For in Travels with a Tangerine, M-S sets off in the footsteps -- or more accurately, the footnotes -- of Ibn Battutah, the `Traveller of Islam', who set out in 1325 from his native Tangier on the pilgrimage to Mecca, and returned to Morocco 29 years later, once he had visited most of the known world.
This journey shadows the first stage of Battutah's own from Tangier to Constantinople, taking in Egypt, Syria, Oman and The Crimea, which M-S presents woven through with the modern Muslim world.
Here, M-S has an easier time of it, meeting with friendly hospitality, rather than dire thirst.
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