M-TECMichigan Technical Education Center
M-TECMalesela Taihan Electric Cable (Pty) Limited (South African South Korean joint venture)
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The location of M-TEC will remain the same as that of Mugen, said the company, whose President Hirotoshi Honda and former auditor Norio Hirokawa were indicted in July on charges of evading 1 billion yen in corporate tax.
M-TEC has received the Bellwether Award for Workforce Development in competition at the University of Florida's Institute of Higher Education, defeating 10 other national finalists.
Carroll stated M-TEC will continue to work closely with trade and professional associations in the sector to develop innovative educational and training programs that are relevant.
Founded in 1996, M-TEC has raised the bar on education for the medical transcription industry, offering a solid distance education program that incorporates and surpasses the AHDI Model Curriculum requirements for training.
One reason SMI and I & W chose to work with FISHER/UNITECH was the company's commitment to the software implementation at M-TEC.
Many of the companies in the area use SolidWorks for product design, so we're excited to give our students the opportunity to learn the software that they'll be using at work," said Jay Beery, Drafting and Design Department Head at M-TEC.
The Parsons-Stulen M-TEC is the result of a Michigan initiative to make the State a leader in workforce development.
is a member of the M-TEC GROUP, a leading supplier of broadband products and services, and high-speed wireless LAN solutions (IEEE802.
M-TEC is designed to provide flexible, high quality training in manufacturing, construction and information systems.
The announcement that M-TEC will be offering construction trades training is welcome news, said Carol Kull, executive officer for the Home Builders Association of Livingston County.
One of the advantages of a conveniently located technical training center such as M-TEC is that employees don't have far to travel to attend classes," said Charles Lafayette, director of M-TEC.