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Yet Jon Perks, in his M-Zone column (Sunday Mercury, Sept 27) , describes their music as 'pretty basic' and reckons that 'when the history of Rock 'n' Roll is written, they probably won't even rate a footnote.'
The Lifestyle section contains columnists' work from the papers, including Interactive, personal finance, the m-zone - dedicated to music - and horoscopes.
Alongside regulars M-Zone, Dolphin and Vortex will be four of north Wales' most promising techno DJ/producers - Mucky Beats, Distek, Zoid and Triple B.
Knowsley council and Merseyside M-Zone are offering the apprenticeship to two young people from the borough.
Hard house legend Paul Glazby will be joined by M-Zone, Danny Ellis, D-Coder, Alan Wilson and Liam B.