M.Sc.Master of Science (degree)
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Table 5: Sources which give information about the E- journals Sources Research % M.
Table 6: Place of Accessing E-journals Place Research % M.
Table 7: Most Preferred format for Reading E-journals Format Research % M.
Table 8: Access Point for Locating a Citation Search by Research % M.
Table 9: Access Point for Searching Articles Search by Research % M.
TablelO: E-journal Article in Foreign Language Method of Research % M.
Table 11: Choice of Search Material for Reading Outcome Research % M.
students who had 1 or more papers; but there is significant difference in amount of ISB between two groups of M.
The study results (see table 5) showed, Above all, M.
students in Universities o f Teh ran and Shiraz was higher than M.
students ISB is only, toward improving educational output; but M.
agricultural extension Sample and education Male Female size Percentage Tehran University 14 23 37 17 Shiraz University 19 32 51 22 Kermanshah University 24 68 92 40 Mollasani University 18 32 50 21 Total 75 155 230 100 Educational levels Departments of M.