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M15Markku Uusipaavalniemi (Finnish curler)
M15Perry County Airport (LInden, Tennesse Airport Code)
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Another aspect of M15 that sets it apart from the ordinary is a planetary nebula that is visible in amateur telescopes.
A Whitehall security insider said: "After the bombings people wanted to make a difference so they naturally turned to M15.
The General Officer M15 was produced on a one-time-only basis in 1973 and early '74 after being standardized for issue in 1972.
Before Massiter quit her job in protest and went to the press, she made her objections known to M15 officials.
The effect of the esters on the stability of M15 M30 M50 M65 and M85 methanol-gasoline was screened.
And while they are at it, perhaps Special Branch and M15 can explain to the citizens of Birmingham their input into the cover-up of the 21 unsolved murders and 182 injured in the Birmingham pub bombings in November 1974, including any constraints placed on West Midlands Police to properly investigate this matter.
He met the two M15 agents at the British Museum and a hotel in January.
FORMER miners' leader Arthur Scargill was monitored by M15, the archive papers revealed.
For your chance of winning, just send a postcard with your name and address to: The People/Brother Labeller Giveaway, PO Box 339, Manchester M15 4ZZ.
He was loudly cheered by Labour MPs as he accused Shadow Foreign Secretary Mr Michael Howard of persisting in "the fantasy that M15, the Permanent Secretary, the Prime Minister were involved".