M204Model 204 (DBMS of the early 1980s)
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Rocket Software, which bought M204 in 2010, has had a long-standing partnership with the acquired firm.
The move will enable Rocket Software to enhance the value to its M204 clients worldwide, the buyer's CEO, Andy Youniss, said.
Sirius has been a close and strategic partner with M204 for many years.
The course topics are, security assistance overview, reports of discrepancy, transportation, security assistance management acquisition program, requisition preparation and processing, M204 system case development (includes a hard copy job aid), supply/shipment status processing and security assistance logistics data.
Company: Railtrack Property Stand: M204 Contact: Katie Burns Phone: 0207 557 8522 E-mail: burnsk.
The Primeon Y2K Audit Service is unique in that it supports over 70 source code languages including the most complex such as M204 and assembler.
In addition, the Web-IT Solution Suite provides customers with the ability to access more than 40 database types across multiple platforms, including IMS, IDMS, ADABAS, M204, Datacom/DB, DB2, Microsoft SQL Server(R), Oracle, Sybase, Informix and most major ODBC compliant databases.
This particular tool was originally developed to support COBOL software scans, but it was enhanced to support all other major legacy languages as well (including PL/1 and M204, which are almost as hard to find as tools for as assembler).