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M21Mobility for the 21st Century
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The ball was set rolling in the night stage by Dave Godfree, as he won the M21 race in a time of 31.35.
Army Staff Sergeant the highest-scoring sniper in Vietnam, but he did it with a semi-automatic M21. Credited with 109 kills, Staff Sergeant Adelbert Waldron proved an M14based sniper rifle could run with the USMC's Model 70 Winchester target rifles and newer Remington M40 sniper rifles in actual combat.
Use M21's chamber and discriminator assembly and ordnance bag with M240, M240C and M240E
Here at GUNS, we requested the IDF model with the military issue Meprolight M21 reflex sight to really get a feel for the version the troopers of the IDF are carrying and fighting with.
The M21 of 1972 marked the return of theMcLaren name to Formula Two after an absence of four years.
The politician, who usually travels in an armoured state-owned Mercedes, owns several cars, including two vintage Volgas - a 1960 GAZ M21 and a 1965 GAZ M-21P - as well as a 2009 Lada.
The line up for the annual event at the Sussex racing circuit includes Renault Formula One driver Vitaly Petrov who will be racing an ex-KGB GAZ Volga M21 from 1958, and ex-F1 star and ten-time Grand Prix winner Gerhard Berger who will be riding a motorcycle in the Barry Sheene Memorial Trophy.
The company said on Wednesday that M21, the first official Disney-branded mobile phone for the China market, is designed to target teenage mobile phone users.
Typical all-weld mechanical properties, as welded using Ar/20% CO2, are: Yield Stress 480MPA, Tensile Strength 560MPA, Elongation 26%, Charpy V impact value, Typical -20[degrees]C 90J -30[degrees]C 70J Wires Bostrand LW1 has a number of approvals including ABS: 3YSA (M21); BV: SA3YM (M21) CE EN 13479; LR: 3S, 3YS DNV: 111 YMS.
The vehicles are a 1951 Land Rover Series 1, 1959 BSA M21 motorbike-sidecar, 1964 Austin Mini, 1970 Morris Minor, 1977 Triumph Tiger motorbike and 1978 Ford Escort.
It is a more sophisticated version of the currently fielded M21 chemical detector, a standoff sensor that has a shorter range and only works in a stationary position.