M2BMathML to Braille (computer application)
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Growth (higher M2B) firms have lower Form 10-K obfuscation, shown by the negative and significant coefficients of M2B in all three models.
The predictive value for the combination of significant demographic characteristics, morphometric variables (M1) and qualitative features (M2b) is given in Table 4 (M3, additive model, 88% accuracy).
A sound was heard when the rotation angle at the beam end of specimen M2B reached 0.015 rad cycle (17.8 mm in the positive direction and 18 mm in the negative direction).
In addition, in normal wound and spinal cord injury (SCI) healing, the M1 and M2a types seem to be the primary subtypes that start immediately after brain injury, and then they are gradually replaced by the M2b and M2c subtypes after 3 dpi (days after injury), indicating the start of the proliferation phase [23].
M2b macrophages can be induced by exposure to immune complexes; CD64 agonists opsonized with IgG as erythrocytes are characterized by a phenotype very distinct from M2a and M2c.
For these reasons, the M2b may be accepted as a good fit to the data--justifying the use of the higher-order factors (Generalized Needs Met by God and Generalized Symptoms) in the SEM analyses.
Odontophore muscles with similar arrangement (Figs 50, 52, 53), except for: ml, no especially developed jugal muscle; mc, somewhat longer, reaching ~90% of length of cartilages up to region close to their posterior end (Figs 52, 53); m2b, originating as 4-5 branches, uniting themselves in region before entrance in odontophore (Fig.
Models M1 and M2 configured with r or [r.sub.0]~U(0.01,1.5) were denoted as M1rU and M2rU, respectively; those models involving the SESTF bycatch were termed M1B and M2B.