M2OMacomb 2 Oakland (concurrent enrollment program)
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'Once we decided that blockchain would be the ideal technology to help bring our 'From Mileage to Opportunity' - M2O - loyalty program to life, we went through a rigorous approach to find the right vendor,' said Soowan Kim, CEO, MTO.
"Accelerating IP velocity has become a strategic priority," said M-K O'Connell, managing director at M2O. "The market for IP management solutions is growing rapidly and we believe that Lecorpio is well positioned to become the category killer."
The MMA alliance is now expanding to include 11 new partners, among them m2o, bringing the total MMA membership to 17 partners.
as Architect and Design Lead, Stack Rock Group as Landscape Architect, Paul J Ford, TLC Engineering, and Jensen Hughes as Specialty Engineering Consultants, The Spinnaker Group as Specialty Sustainability Consultant, and M2O Technologies as Specialty Technology Consultant.
Contract notice: insulation / fire protection m2w + m2o - med campus graz, module 2 west / ost, 8010 graz, stiftingtalstrae 2
Contract notice: msr - m2w + m2o - med campus graz, module 2 ost / west, 8010 graz
Contract notice: baumeister iii- m2o - med campus graz, module 2 ost, 8010 graz
Contract notice: hkls iii - m2o - med campus graz, module 2 ost, 8010 graz
description of the procurement: Electrical engineering iii - m2o - med campus graz, Module 2 ost, 8010 graz
Description of the procurement: hks iii / ventilation - m2o - med campus graz, module 2 ost, 8010 graz