M2PAMTP2-User Peer-to-Peer Adaptation Layer
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M3UA, M2UA, and M2PA transports are easily supported.
M2PA -- MTP-2 Peer-to-Peer Adaptation Layer -- allows full MTP-3 message handling and network management capabilities between any two SS7 nodes communicating over an IP network.
4 of the MACH7-iSG platform incorporates support for ATM based High Speed Links (HSL), SIGTRAN M2PA (MTP2 User Peer-to-Peer) interfaces and Global Title Translation (GTT) capabilities to the existing solution.
M2PA, M3UA, and SCTP protocols can now be centrally managed
The 6300 can scale up to 96 SS7 links and 32 M2PA links and supports a full range of hardware configurations and options for seamless scalability.
The HDC-PMC supports the latest SIGTRAN protocol suite including Stream Control Transport Protocol (SCTP), M3UA, M2UA or M2PA.
The established Adax Protocol Software product line of SCTP/T, MTP-2, Frame Relay, LAPB/D/V5, SSCOP/SSCF-NNI over ATM or IP, as well as support for SIGTRAN's M3UA, SUA, M2UA, M2PA and other User Adaptation layers are also available on the two protocol controllers.
The Savvi SX operates at the M2UA or M2PA protocol level, therefore it requires no changes to the SS7 network topology and minimal configuration of the SS7 network elements.
We also rolled out our Savvi ST SS7/IP Tunneling Gateway system product and announced successful completion of interoperability testing of the proposed M2PA protocol transport layer with Cisco, Alcatel, and others.
In a highly robust, 1U, carrier-grade form factor, the enhanced SEGway 4200 has the capacity to scale up to 24 signaling links and up to 16 M2PA links.
Industry's First Delivery of Open M2PA Protocols for SS7 Signaling