M2UAMTP (Message Transfer Part) Level 2 User Adaptation
M2UAMtp2 User Adaptation Layer
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M3UA, M2UA, and M2PA transports are easily supported.
A white paper entitled "Migrating from SS7/IP tunneling to M2UA backhaul" is available upon request.
The HDC-PMC supports the latest SIGTRAN protocol suite including Stream Control Transport Protocol (SCTP), M3UA, M2UA or M2PA.
The established Adax Protocol Software product line of SCTP/T, MTP-2, Frame Relay, LAPB/D/V5, SSCOP/SSCF-NNI over ATM or IP, as well as support for SIGTRAN's M3UA, SUA, M2UA, M2PA and other User Adaptation layers are also available on the two protocol controllers.
The Savvi SX operates at the M2UA or M2PA protocol level, therefore it requires no changes to the SS7 network topology and minimal configuration of the SS7 network elements.
Tekelec supports the SIGTRAN suite of protocols including SCTP, M2UA, M3UA as well as TALI, Tekelec's leading-edge open interface for SS7 over IP transport.
With the addition of SCTP (stream control transmission protocol), SUA (SS7 signaling connection control part user adaptation layer), M2UA (SS7 message transfer part (MTP) 2 user adaptation layer), and M3UA (MTP 3 user adaptation layer) protocols, Tekelec is the front-runner in convergence diagnostics," explains David Hammond, director of product marketing for the Tekelec Network Diagnostics Division.
Tekelec has been active in the design of IETF SIGTRAN protocols such as SCTP, M2UA, M3UA, and SUA and is committed to support all these protocols as they are approved as industry standards.