M3DMedia Dimensions LLC (Fairfield, NJ)
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The M3D Aerosol Jet is a Direct Write[TM] process that first aerosolizes conductive photovoltaic inks or pastes and then forms an aerodynamically focused droplet stream of the material.
With Marchon3D's M3D technology and ck Calvin Klein Eyewear's sleek, fashion-forward design, we are providing consumers the best 3D-enabled sunglass on the market," said Claudio Gottardi, President of Marchon and CEO of Marchon International.
David Jones, Founder at M3D, explains: "We've managed to keep the cost of The Micro low by ensuring that it's space and power efficient, using as much power as a tablet would use.
While The Micro can use open source software for experienced users, it also offers the option to use the M3D software to provide a seamless, modern, user-friendly experience.
M3D lenses also provide 100 percent UVA/UVB/UVC protection.
Thanks to them, we have the biggest crowd funded technology project on the East Coast," said Michael Armani, CEO at M3D.
M3D lenses also provide 100 percent UVA/UVB/UVC protection, allowing wearers to use Marchon3D eyewear as sunglasses.
Not only did Armani, Jones and the M3D team, which includes four others with UMD affiliations, create the most affordable 3D printer, they also claim 15 additional innovations over current models:
The newest line will incorporate the M3D lens at an affordable retail price and be available through electronic retailers, cinemas and select online sites.
These systems utilize Optomec's proprietary M3D Aerosol Jet technology and LENS powder-metal fabrication technology.
As part of the agreement, Manz will integrate Optomec's patented M3D Aerosol Jet deposition system into their back-end solar cell manufacturing lines to allow contact free deposition of metal collector lines.