M3GMobile 3D Graphics
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After incubation for 18 h using [beta]-glucuronidase in acetate buffer, all urine samples with increased morphine (>100 000 [micro]g/L) and 78% of the samples with increased M3G (> 162 500 [micro]g/L) formed measurable 6 AM ([greater than or equal to] 5 [micro]g/L).
After 18 h of incubation, 16 of the 18 samples with extremely high morphine or M3G formed 6AM >5 [micro]g/L, and 2 samples formed 6AM >10 [micro]g/L (the common cutoff concentration for 6AM in workplace programs to identify heroin).
Having our M3G series now DSCC qualified simplifies the design cycle and furthers our continuing efforts for off-the-shelf radiation-hardened DC-DC converters.
The M3G converters are complete single-ended forward buck converter "building blocks" for 28V-, 50V- and 70V-input power buses.
The M3G120 series is based on IR s M3G series legacy design which has served the space industry since 1998.
The M3G is optimized for wireless networks by directly providing the necessary interfaces for connectivity to base station equipment including control protocols, bearer traffic over TDM, or native IP using any of the standardized wireless voice coding formats.
By integrating the SoftMSC switching platform as a call server that provides all switching logic and management with a multi-technology media gateway function, the M3G provides an effective all-in-one solution for emerging wireless operators or enterprise applications, whether using GSM, CDMA, or WiFi technologies.
3D graphics is becoming a must-have feature for mobile phones, with leading network operators such as Vodafone, Orange and T-Mobile having the Java J2ME M3G (JSR 184) standard in their 2005 handset specifications.
M3G, otherwise known as JSR184, brings advanced 3D graphics capabilities to mobile Java(TM) software, and this allows the development of even more compelling games and entertainment content for Java enabled phones.
Hybrid's OpenGL(R) ES, Java M3G and SVG solutions are already licensed by major mobile manufacturers for mobile games and navigation applications.
Fathammer, a leading developer of advanced mobile game technologies and high quality games for next generation mobile devices, and Hybrid Graphics, leading developer of graphics technology for PCs, game consoles and mobile devices, today signed a cooperation agreement enabling Fathammer to integrate the OpenGL(R) ES and M3G (JSR 184) mobile platform offerings to the X-Forge(R) Game Development System.
International Rectifier, IR(r) (NYSE:IRF), introduces the new M3G family of "off-the-shelf" radiation-hardened, high-reliability (hi-rel) DC-DC converters that streamline costly space industry design cycles.