M3RMuscarinic Acetylcholine Receptor
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In this paper M3R (excluding non-residents' transactions from from M3), which is the broadest and most relevant measure of money in NZ, is preferred to other narrower measures of money such as monetary base, M1 and M2.
As mentioned earlier, M3R is the broadest monetary aggregate, and therefore RL is best proxied by a "long-run rate" such as the rate of interest on 10-year government bonds, a security with the longest maturity for which the quarterly time series data are available.
Table 3 reports the results of the Johansen multivariate cointegration test on the demand for M3R as formulated in equation (1).
As seen from equation (4), a one per cent increase in real income stimulates the real demand for M3R by almost 1.
Cointegration tests clearly indicate that there is a unique cointegrating vector which links the real demand for M3R with real income, the interest rate spread (i.
7 mm (the M2HB-QCB and the FN M3R, the latter capable of 1,100 rpm rate of fire), as well as 40mm automatic grenades launchers.
Tenders are invited for Restoration work of Minor M3R / D2R of B.
The missile will use the same Samp-T launcher while the radar should be the ThalesRaytheon Master M3R currently under development, which should have a 1000-km instrumented range, a 45[degrees] azimuth coverage and tracking up to 85[degrees] in elevation in sector (staring antenna) TBMD mode.
Tenders are invited for M&R Work of M3R, SM1R of M4R of Jantral Distributory.