M3RMuscarinic Acetylcholine Receptor
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In addition, expression of several genes known to be dysregulated in Sjogren's syndrome: CTSS, MHC-II, MMP9, Rab proteins (Rab3D, Rab27A, and Rab27B), IL12[alpha], IFN-[gamma], TNF-[alpha], and aquaporin 5 (Aq5), and the cholinergic muscarinic M3 receptor (M3R) were quantitatively measured using qPCR.
[3] demonstrated that the M3R reactive T helper cells play a crucial role in the pathogenesis of SS.
Quarterly time series data employed for the period 1988:1-2002:2 are as follows: nominal M3R (m), the consumer price index (p), real GDP-production or y, (m-p), the rate of return on 10-year government bonds as a proxy for RL, the interest rate on 90-day bank bills as a proxy for RS, [[DELTA].sub.4][p.sub.t+1] as a proxy for the expected annualised inflation rate, the real effective (TWI) exchange rate denoted by er, and the long-nm rate of return on Treasury bonds in the US as a proxy for FR.
These results indicated that the primers M3F and M3R were ADH2-allele-specific under the present conditions, and this was reconfirmed easily with the restriction enzymes BsaAI and BstNI.
Regression Conclusion QM3R -2.858 -3.781 T C unit root M3R -3.075 -3.303 T C unit root EXPR -4.409 -5.631 T C trend stationary GDPR -3.306 -3.318 T C unit root PQ -1.954 -5.433 C N unit root GBY -2.257 -3.619 C N unit root NOTES: "QM3R" is real Divisia money, "M3R" real simple-sum money.
all FN machine guns up to 12.7 mm (the M2HB-QCB and the FN M3R, the latter capable of 1,100 rpm rate of fire), as well as 40mm automatic grenades launchers.
The missile will use the same Samp-T launcher while the radar should be the ThalesRaytheon Master M3R currently under development, which should have a 1000-km instrumented range, a 45[degrees] azimuth coverage and tracking up to 85[degrees] in elevation in sector (staring antenna) TBMD mode.