M3SMe, Money, Mind and Soul (seminar; World Human Development Center)
M3SMorphine-3-Sulphate (pharmacology)
M3SMAJCOM Manpower Management System
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To make them extra handy in the confines of a vehicle, M3s and M3A1s were given a sliding metal-wire stock.
Thangavelu15 reported that in the absence of impacted M3s the risk of condylar fracture increases by 2.5 times while Zhu et al19 found that patients without unerupted M3s were 3.5 times more likely to have condylar fracture when compared to the patients with unerupted M3s.
The mean [delta][.sup.18]O and [delta][.sup.13]C values for M1s and M3s, per cohort, are noted in Table 9, while the mean [delta][.sup.15]N and [delta][.sup.13]C values for bone collagen, per cohort, are noted in Table 10.
The addition of 0.75 wt.% Mn to the base alloy, i.e., alloy M3S, doubles the volume fraction in the as-cast condition and may be ascribed to the formation of [alpha]-[Al.sub.15][(Fe,Mn).sub.3][Si.sub.2] phase in script-like and sludge morphologies [28].
Serial two-dimensional echocardiographic examinations were done by the same echocardiographer (Wang Y), using the same commercially available GE Vivid 7 Dimension Imaging System (GE Healthcare, Horten, Norway) equipped with M3S transducer or the Philips IE33 Ultrasound System (Philips Medical Systems, Andover, MA, USA) equipped with S5-1 transducer.
1 -- A few days after launching the M3S in India, Meizu has launched the M5 in China.
4E); the palate is broad and uncomplicated by keels or deep lateral grooves; and the mesopterygoid fossa extends anteriorly to or between the M3s (Fig.
When, in 2010, BMW's entry level model, the 1-series coupe, was given a light sprinkling of M enhancements, the company seemed to be on the verge of launching a worthy 'back to basics' successor to earlier M3s. That 1 series M Coupe was well received and this car, the M2, is its direct successor.
That attention went to the early four-pot M3s, while the 320is drivers could drive around without boy racers wanting to challenge them.
Other highlights include the world's largest Cage of Death, in which seven motorcyclists use centrifugal force to circle the inside of a giant globe and a spectacular driving sequence featuring two custom-built BMW M3s covered in more than 600 metres of LED - a collaboration with LED performance company, Feeding the Fish.
There was an excellent section, a bit like the film Tron, when two BMW M3s covered in more than 600 metres of LEDs arrived in the arena as part of a collaboration with LED performance company, Feeding the Fish.
Next we were treated to a psychedelic, Tron-inspired segment where two BMW M3s drove about while covered in LED lights.