M3SMe, Money, Mind and Soul (seminar; World Human Development Center)
M3SMAJCOM Manpower Management System
M3SMorphine-3-Sulphate (pharmacology)
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The new phone is quite similar to the M3S launched a few days back in India.
The result is that M3S can use the limited linguistics resources more efficiently and triage content for more detailed analysis efficiently while gaining an enhanced, real-time understanding of the news, events, and responses around the world," Kuzmin says.
The M3S gives English speakers direct access to foreign language multimedia by creating a continuous, searchable archive of international broadcasts and web sites.
We selected Tanner EDA because they are in an excellent position to proliferate our new M3S process technology.
With support for Sandia's advanced M3S process now included in MEMS Pro, engineers are that much more prepared to successfully carry their concepts through to high-performance commercial products.
The design kit includes M3S process specification files, design rules, layer definitions, model parameters and other technology information.
The M3S transcends approaches that involve complex multichip packaging schemes because it enables batch fabrication runs of "systems on a chip," decreases the number of system components and reduces electrical interconnect parasitics.
MEMS Pro V2, available April 1999, will include the M3S design kit.
The M3S generates accurate forecasts of component time change requirements, tracks essential trends such as mean- time-between-failure, yields cost-per-hour information, and provides preventive maintenance and calibration schedules for support equipment and special tooling.