M3TRMultiband, Multimode, Multirole Tactical Radio System
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An external control unit can be used to remotely operate multiple vehicular tactical radios both from the R&S SDTR and R&S M3TR families.
The M3TR family offers IPoA (Internet Protocol over Air) protocol, which provides IP functionality over radio links.
As of early 2009, the Portuguese Ministry of Defence had received more than a half of the 700 PRC-525A tactical radios produced by EID of Portugal (and which are compatible with the M3TR from Rohde & Schwarz--see above), that are to be delivered.
5 kg 100 mW to 20 Watts* Waveforms: HF, VHF, V/UHF, Have Quick, CNR, PRN, SCRA, IPoA Encryption: Frequency hopping and voice Notes: Compatible with the R&S M3TR family, 72 Kbps data rate, * depending on configuration.
Rohde & Schwarz has recently garnered another order for its software-defined M3TR radios from the Swiss military.
Sweden has already selected the Rohde & Schwarz M3AR Series 6000 SDR for its Gripen fleet and has acquired evaluation numbers of the M3TR as part of the wide-ranging renewal of the country's CNR and for other communications.
5 kg Notes: SF radio in service with US, UK, Canada, New Zealand, Germany and Poland Rohde & Schwarz M3TR Frequency Range [MHz] 1.
The `Multirole' in the M3TR provides the system with the capability to be operated as either a radio access point, a terrestrial trunked radio, as a range extension node, in its asynchronous transfer mode or simply as a combat net radio.
The MMRS consists of a rack containing the company's M3TR radios and an amplifier.
Rohde & Schwarz of Germany produces accessories to augment its M3TR tactical radio family.