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M3UAMTP (Message Transfer Part) Level 3 User Adaptation Layer (IETF)
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It supports the same application and call management functions as SS7 but uses two protocol layers on top of IP, Stream Control Transport Protocol (SCTP) and M3UA (MTP3 User Adaptation Layer).
One advantage of using SCCP user adaptation (SUA) instead of M3UA in this case is that the IP-based client does not need to include an SCCP layer.
The Analyzer supports SCTP, M2UA, M3UA, M2PA, SUA, IUA, BICC, INAP, CAMEL, ICMP, MAP, TUP, TCAP, SCCP and more.
Dialogic's implementation of SIGTRAN M3UA has been enhanced to enable peer-to-peer connectivity as well as gateway operations.
248, SUA, M3UA, SCTP, and IPv6 are immediately available from Testing Tech.
New Signaling Element: The element lowers the cost of signaling by enabling the efficient backhaul of PSTN signaling over IP via M3UA, an industry standard signaling transport protocol.
Enhanced Sigtran and SIP Signaling Support: Inclusion of the Sigtran M3UA protocol in the MSP 1010 enables carriers to seamlessly deploy services and solutions in converged networks, where the connectivity is IP, yet internetworking is established through legacy SS7 protocols.
The upgraded EAGLE 5 ISS now can support all three major types of Sigtran Co M2PA, M3UA and SUA Co to enable operators' graceful transition to IP and, eventually, IMS.
The TP-6310/T3 features includes support for PSTN protocols as ISDN PRI and multiple CAS variants, SIGTRAN (M2UA, M3UA, IUA), VoIP streaming, various voice coding include G.
For SIGTRAN functions, the iNAV 9400 provides high-performance SCTP transport combined with M3UA (MTP-3 user adaptation layer), M2UA (MTP-2 user adaptation layer) and M2PA (MTP-2 peer-to-peer adaptation layer); SUA (SCCP user adaptation layer) will be supported in a future release.
168 2002 compliant echo cancellation * SS7 signaling over SIGTRAN, M2UA over SCTP, M3UA over SCTP (optional) * Feature-rich enhanced voice services such as Voice Recording and Playback, Voice Detectors and Energy Detectors.