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M3VModélisation Multi-Échelles de la Matière Vivante (French: Multi-Scale Modeling of Living Matter)
M3VMobile Medical Mentoring Vehicle
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Available from pump specialists Michael Smith Engineers the new M3V and M5V motors are designed for use with the popular PF and TBF series drum pumps.
Several investigators (16,20) have sought correlations between bcr isoform and clinical characteristics at presentation and found that the WBC count at presentation was associated with the hypogranular variant (M3v) morphology and the short (bcr3) isoform.
(20) (London, 1577), M3v. Pare notes that conception depends on this conjunction of seeds taking place within a womb properly warm and moist: "Generation or conception cannot follow without the concourse of two seeds, well and perfectly wrought in the very same moment of time, not without a laudable disposition of the womb both in temperature and complexion." Generation, 887.
In 6 of these patients, the leukemic promyelocytes had classical macrogranular morphology (M3), and in the other 3 patients the promyelocytes had microgranular variant morphology (M3v) (Figure 1, A and B).