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M42Messier Object #42 (deep space object; the Orion Nebula)
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Police are appealing for witnesses after a blue Fiat Multipla and blue HGV collided on the exit slip road of the M42 at Junction 10 (Tamworth) at around 4pm.
A spokesperson for Warwickshire Police said: "We were called to a collision on the M42 between junctions nine and ten at around 4pm.
1 M1 at A1M to J47 south, Leeds 2 M42 J6-7 north, Solihull 3 M1 within J1 north, Brent Cross 4 A1M J51-50 south, Leeming 5 M27 J7-5 west, Southampton 6 M42 J6-5 south, Solihull 7 M42 J4-3A south, Solihull 8 M42 J7-6 south, NE 9 A627M to J1 north, Oldham 10 M11 J9 north, Bishop's Stortford TOP TEN TAILGATE ROADS
He was detained under the Mental Health Act after threatening to launch himself from the A38 bridge over the M42 north of Bromsgrove.
It said the numbers displayed on some variable speed limit signs on the M42 were too tall and too narrow to be visible to motorists.
We now know that M42 is a huge cloud of glowing hydrogen gas 30 or so light years in diameter, lying at a distance of around 1,300 light years--a stellar nursery on our doorstep, as the source of radiation causing the gas to fluoresce is the bright stars of the Trapezium cluster which are probably only around 1 million years old.
It is not just the M42 that has snow or an oil spill and so it is important that these are rolled out signs across the network.
5 tonnes travelling on the M42 between junctions 10 and 11, comes into force on Monday (October 10).
Areas specifically affected are the M6 southbound between junctions 10A and 10; the M6 in both directions between junctions 6 and 7; the M6 northbound between junctions 4 and 5; the M42 southbound between junctions 5 and 4 and the M42 in both directions between junctions 3A and 4 and junctions 5 and 6.
Deals throughout 2014 were completed to a broad cross-section of occupiers, from small independent firms to large-scale multinationals, primarily at sites within the M42 corridor including Blythe Valley Park, Fore Business Park, Trinity Park, and Birmingham Business Park.
Road works will get underway on Monday to increase the number of lanes linking the M42 at junction 6 to Birmingham Airport and the NEC.
45pm on Saturday between the M5 and nearby junction 1 of the M42 in Bromsgrove, Worcs.