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A platform studies approach to the role of technology in the ICTD ecosystem: The SMS in M4D interventions.
Nevertheless, the bulk of this scholarship focuses on how mobile phone use might lead to economic development, a trend called Mobiles for Development (M4D).
The peaceful electronic revolution the Mad Hackerz Team had envisioned never materialized, and M4D said he stopped hacking altogether.
I wanted to express my own opinion my way and claim my rights and the rights of the Lebanese people," said M4D, adding that he wasn't especially skilled in organizing demonstrations, and that "websites were the only and the best way to deliver my message."
In spite of these setbacks, the concept of digital technologies for developmental goals has not lost its cachet, though ICT4D now has a new media darling: M4D mobile phones.
Project Masiluleke, a 2008 initiative to disseminate HIV/AIDS information to South Africans through SMS text messaging, is one such M4D project.
A number of academic communities have turned their attention to the developmental impacts of ICTs, resulting in such terms as M4D (mobiles for development) and ICT4D (ICT for development), as well as the growth of a development informatics discipline.