M4DMarketing 4 Digital
M4DMarked 4 Death (gaming)
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Government sites are very easy to penetrate for hackers like M4D, because their servers are often replete with security vulnerabilities that can be easily exploited.
It allows hackers to assume the identity of another user within the application without needing to know the victim's password," M4D said.
Interested in everything technology-related since he was young, M4D grew accustomed to computers at an early age.
Much of the interdisciplinary scholarly literature related to M4D echoes this technocentric focus and "mobile impact" logic.
While some recent scholarship offers a degree of nuance in their assessments of mobile phones, (8) most studies continue to serve a M4D agenda.
The current study challenges the rhetoric of mobile enthusiasts by engaging the voices of people who purportedly benefit from the M4D agenda.
Research questions focused primarily on what Gitau, Marsden, and Donner (2010) call first- and second-wave M4D (that is, basic voice calls and SMS); a growing body of literature examines the emerging third wave of mobile Internet.
By placing South African narratives and interpretations about mobile phones in conversation with the stories and theories presented by mobile enthusiasts, this study reveals the unadvertised "darker sides" of M4D discourses.
Also, there is an overall gap in the use of M4D in support of gender equality and women s empowerment in all regions and sub-regions.
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Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on M4D Mobile Communication Technology for development, Karlstad, Sweden.
Estos capitulos ofrecen pruebas de corte cuantitativo sobre el impacto de los telefonos moviles en los medios de subsistencia y la economia, mas alla del ambito de otras (valiosas) obras como la de Wicander (2010) M4D Overview 1.