M5SMovimento 5 Stelle (Italian: 5 Stars Movement; political party)
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For its part, M5S is not unsympathetic to the League's anti-immigrant agenda, and it would complement it by rallying Mediterranean member states behind an anti-austerity, anti-Northern European banner Though France and Spain would probably not join this cause, Greece and other countries might, and together they could severely disrupt EU politics.
Now in power, in remains to be seen how far M5S and the League intend take the fight to Brussels and Frankfurt.
With its high percentage of votes, the M5S just needs one another party to form a majority government and its leader, Luigi Di Maio, will be in a strong position to be Prime Minister.
Selon des r[euro]u[c]sultats encore partiels, avec plus de 31% des voix, le Mouvement 5 Etoiles (M5S, antisyst[euro]uA me, fond[euro]u[c] par le comique Beppe Grillo en 2009, serait devenu le premier parti du pays.
For the as-cast condition, it is obvious that the addition of Ni and Mn in different amounts and combinations (i.e., alloys M2S through M5S) significantly increases the volume fraction of existing phases compared to the base alloy (cf.
The previous government collapsed after the Five Star Movement's coalition partner, the right-wing League party led by now former Interior Minister Matteo Salvini, pulled out, citing its inability to continue to cooperate with M5S and calling for snap elections.
Back in March 2018 the Five-Star Movement got 32 per cent of the vote and the League only got 17 per cent, so M5S was definitely the senior partner.
The M5S and PD agreed to put aside their differences to prevent the country heading to the polls after strongman Matteo Salvini pulled his far-right League from government last month while MPs were mostly at the beach.
Une autre coalition gouvernementale composee du M5S et du Parti democrate est en cours de formation, affaiblissant de ce fait Matteo Salvini, le ministre de l'Interieur anti-migrants ayant ferme les ports italiens aux navires des ONG humanitaires ayant secouru des migrants au large de la Libye.
M5S members are being asked to approve a coalition agreement with the centre-left Democratic Party (PD), a former bitter rival.
This comes after the previous government, made up of the M5S and League Party collapsed after continuous infighting.
Former partner M5S vowed they would not work with him again and Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte resigned in a scathing speech criticising Salvini before the full parliament.