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Division Gallery 45 Ernest Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, M6P 3M7 Tel: 647 346 908 E-mail: info@galeriedivision.com Web: www.galeriedivision.com
Interestingly, a study of the mannose-6-phosphate (M6P)-IGFII receptor has suggested that IGF2R was involved in the prevention of scars (Martin, 1997), a phenomenon usually found at the wound healing phase of antler regeneration (Kierdorf et al., 2007).
Since M6P acts at the same receptor as TGF-[beta]1 on fibroblasts, it is possible that treatment with M6P may inhibit fibrosis.
Concerning binding to IGFII/M6P receptors it is noteworthy that renin has three different N-glycosylation sites by which the protein can be marked with M6P. Upon this M6P attachment, it is able to bind to and activate the IGFII/M6P receptor.
Toronto, Ontario, Canada M6P 2M1 (416) 766-6588 Fax: (416) 769-1436 Email: business@breakthroughfilms.com Booth: 5231 Attending: Ira Levy, exec producer; Peter Williamson, exec producer; Paula McLaren, director sales.
Jim Kendrick Studio 2775 Dundas St.W., Toronto, ON M6P 1Y4, Canada; 416-762-7946, fax: 416-762-2765; info@kendrick-studio.com; http:// www.kendrick-studio.com/
According to the company, NeoGAA is an investigational second-generation alglucosidase alfa enzyme replacement therapy that has been specifically designed for enhanced receptor targeting and enzyme uptake through greater affinity for the M6P receptors on muscle cells, with the aim of enhancing glycogen clearance and improving on the clinical efficacy achieved with alglucosidase alfa.
West, Toronto, ON M6P 1Y8, Canada; 416-762-7946 www.kendrick-ai.com
W., Toronto, ON M6P 1Y4, Canada; 416-762-7946; fax 416-762-2765; kendrick@kendrick-studio.com, or visit Coronado Instrument Group's World Wide Web site at www.coronadofilters.com.
Toronto, Ontario, Canada M6P 3T1 (416) 762-1111 Fax: (416) 762-0889 Email: info@viceroyrubber.com
W, Toronto, ON M6P 1Y4, Canada; 416-762-7946; fax: 416-762-2765; www.kendrick- studio.com.
Toronto, Ontario, Canada M6P 31-1 (416) 762-1111 Fax: (416) 762-0889 Email: info@viceroyrubber.com Equipment: Internal mixers, calender, autoclaves, open mills, hydraulic compression molding presses Mixing capabilities: Most elastomers Tech service: yes Recipe development: yes Vulcan Corp.