M750Megestrol Acetate 750 Milligrams per Day
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Bayblend M750 PC/ABS is supplied in pellet form for processing by injection molding.
The DocuPrint M750 and M760 are color inkjet printers selling for less than $200.
In method c, immuno-cytochemical analysis, immunostaining of serial layers was performed with a specific monoclonal anti-PSA antibody ([IgG.sub.l[kappa]] M750 clone ERPR8, Dako) at the final antibody concentration of 20 mg/L.
The M750, also for the 7610, is a combo module, the only combination attachment on the market with hydrostatic plow and mechanically-powered trencher.
Light users will benefit from the low price and features of Plano, Texas-based Murata Business Systems' M700 and M750 fax machines--no larger than an 8 1/1-x-11 piece of paper, 5 1/2 lbs in weight and $599 in price.
The company will also be revealing price cuts across the range, making on- the-road prices for their models as follows: M600 Dark - pounds 4250; M600 - pounds 4600; M750 Dark - pounds 5350; M750 - pounds 5700; M900 Dark pounds 6500; M900S - pounds 7000; 750SS HF - pounds 5900; 750SS FF - pounds 6150; 900SS HF - pounds 6950; 900SS FF - pounds 7200; ST2 - pounds 7250; ST4 - pounds 8250; 748 - pounds 8300; 748S - pounds 9300; 748R - pounds 10,600; 996 Biposto - pounds 11,000; 996 SPS - pounds 17,000.